Arts Exposition

The 24-hour painter

Galerie Belle Beau 14 rue de Grille 13200 Arles
du : Vendredi 16 septembre 2022
au : Dimanche 30 octobre 2022
horaire(s) : 18h-21h vendredi à dimanche et sur rendez-vous
  • James on Ritz carpet with paintings
  • James and model
  • Walkin' on the Ritz - the 24-hour painter

He painted for 24 hours and never again.
Come see his work and the film "Walkin’ on the Ritz".
See his artist friends, his muses, his hangers-on, his collection, his favorite foods. Low-lifes and aristocrats... and everything in between.
Nothing like you have ever seen in a gallery. Come celebrate James V with the complicity of the delicious Pia and her Manifesto
Belle et Beau, Beau et Belle
Que la vie est belle et beau !

Evènements exceptionnels week-end du vernissage 16 au 19 septembre.
Réservations 06 89 33 63 16 ou
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- Gardian de taureaux d'Arles
- Canards sauvages de Camargue
- Paëlla énorme !

Contact(s) :
Copper Piapiacopper@gmail.com06 89 33 63